How much should I feed my puppy

How much should I feed my puppy? – Feed your puppy in right proportions

how much should i feed my puppy

There is no one person in the world who doesn’t find puppies sinfully adorable. Their cute eyes can warm the heart in seconds while their little paws at work could always make a spoiled day. If you have a little pet friend that you love and want to make no errors in his care, paying attention to the little creature’s diet should top your list. Your puppy is in its growing stages and needs proper food to become a healthy and strong adult. At the same time, overdoing things can lead to results contrary to what we desire. Every pup is different and needs different quantities of nutrients in his diet. In other words, the diet of a puppy depends on numerous factors. Let us take a look at some tips explaining how much you should be feeding your puppy:

  • Decide diet based on breed – the pup’s breed plays a big role in deciding the amount of food he requires. Small breed puppies have a high metabolism while larger breed pups have a slower metabolism rate which is focused on making them bigger on a gradual pace. Small breed puppies need highly concentrated nutrients and high amounts of calories packed in small amounts which have to be served rather frequently, larger breed pups can even eat regular adult dog food when puppy food is unavailable, and medium breed pups need something in between the two.
  • Decide diet based on the weight of the breed – the above point illustrates that a small breed puppy needs a high calorie diet and this is true for most breeds of the type. One can, however, make an exception for the chunkier small breeds of dogs like pugs who also need a low calorie diet. Large and heavy breed dogs need a low calorie diet because their bodies are developing at a gradual pace and their growing bones need support.
  • Create a routine – many dog owners make a common mistake of feeding their puppy according to their own wish and time. They also err by letting the pup’s hunger dictate the situation. This should be avoided at all costs and instead, one must create and follow a routine. By feeding your pup at fixed times of the day, you can whet his appetite regularly so he wouldn’t want to eat at irregular times and provide his body with required nutrition.
  • Try to find puppy formulated food – it is always a good practice to go for breed specific puppy food. These foods are created with all the above factors in mind and make for nutritious and tasty treats for your pup. Though a large breed pup can also be fed regular adult dog food, puppy food will definitely give better results.

Your little bundle of joy deserves his share of love, care, and affection. It is important to feed your pup regularly and effectively for him to stay healthy and develop well.